what we can do with TouchFive and TouchNew markers?

You can use TouchFive markers in a lot of different types of projects. When it comes to being passionate about your creativity, mediocre markers just won't do. The TouchFive and TouchNew markers give you high quality for a more economical price. The alcohol-based markers won’t fade or bleed and give you a large selection of colors. There is even a set of double-sided markers for more colors.

They come with precision tips for intricate drawing and are perfect for any project. Here are just a few things TouchFive can be used for.


Coloring is a great way to blow off steam and try to ease your stress. Coloring with markers means you get a vibrant picture and TouchFive offers you the widest array of colors so you can make your projects the best and brightest to cheer you up anytime.


Drawing is an excellent way to express your creativity. If you're looking for markers that blend well together and won't bleed or fade, then TouchFive is perfect for creating your art.

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is a way to express yourself while getting organized. Creating your own planner with trackers and calendars is fun when you have a great set of markers to use. you can make the journals as colorful as you want to.

Kid’s Projects

If you want to help your kid with school or just spend quality time, these are the best markers to create posters and easy art projects with your kids. Whether it’s something you make something up to create or it’s something they need for school, having the best markers will help it go a lot smoother.

No matter how you express your creativity, you want to do it with a high-quality marker. TouchFive makes products that are safe and dry acid-free. Enjoy using a high-quality marker for half the price.