touch five vs copic

When looking at markers to buy from your art projects and journaling needs, there are a few brands that pop up on every search. These are Copics and TouchFive. They have a lot of similarities when it comes to color payoff and longevity, but which of these is the better choice?

The first thing that's different is the price. Copics are more expensive than TouchFive markers. The range of colors you get with TouchFive surpasses the range you get from Copics. You get more colors for less money. A lot of people who want to try alcohol based markers try TouchFive first and then they never go back.

The TouchFive markers blend with one another much easier making using them for multi-colored pictures. People who used both found the TouchFive markers had better ink coverage and are easier to build up. Some people who used Copics reported they dried out a lot faster than the TouchFive markers. While a lot of people really enjoy using the Copics and don’t have a lot of trouble with them, TouchFive has a lot of the same and better features for less.

The TouchFive markers dry quickly and acid-free so there's no reason to worry about smudging your work soon after you finish. TouchFive can be used for a variety of crafting projects or drawing. TouchFive also has amazing customer service. If there’s something about your markers you aren’t happy with, they are quick to find a solution. TouchFive markers are good if you’re detailed oriented because they let you make smaller lines for more in-depth projects.

TouchFive markers are safe and kid-friendly. They won't ghost and fade away like a lot of the top selling alcohol based markers. TouchFive offers the option to get double-ended markers and a carrying case for easy travel. If you can spend less on great quality, why wouldn't you?